Hi! Today I’ve got a number of productivity tips for effective time management that will help you be more productive and move forward with all your projects.

My recommendations for today are:

  1. Prioritize appropriately and decide which your immediate commitments are.
  2. Get your paperwork done and handle it only once.
  3. Optimize pending phone calls by defining a time block for each one.
  4. Fight against interruptions.
  5. Delegate.
  6. Act decisively, and make decisions on time.
  7. Solve pending issues as soon as possible.
  8. Work on the most important tasks when your energy levels are at their highest.
  9. Don’t postpone persistently subjects or matters you don’t like.
  10. Use the 80/20 rule
  11. Reserve time for unforeseen events – these are often more foreseen you think.
  12. Get hold of a system that is more efficient than your brain; the best system or software for time management is one that adapts to your needs.
  13. Increase the time you spend on the key activities in your area, those you’re valued for.
  14. Avoid your work being interrupted by phone calls, unannounced visits and meetings called suddenly.
  15. Optimize meetings you call, appreciate your team’s time, and value yours.
  16. Schedule your working day in a productive way with activities to do, pending tasks, etc.
  17. Plan your projects properly.
  18. Keep your work desk or your computer desk clean and tidy.
  19. Don’t rush your work. Better performance and a steady rhythm of work will guarantee the success of your actions.
  20. Identify and control the bad habits that make you waste your time.
  21. Handle appropriately people who talk too much.
  22. Prepare a list of things to do and revise it regularly.
  23. Don’t feel bad for things you’re not doing, focus on what’s in front of you now.
  24. Rise up, the height will help you open your mind and see things from a different perspective.
  25. Leave some space for creativity; a stress-free mind yields better results.
  26. Relax, enjoy and live!

Can you help us complete the list of productivity tips for effective time management? Looking forward to your comments…