Objective or summary

This is optional. An objective is not required, but if used it should provide a clarification for the reader. Include the type of position or occupational field you wish to enter, skills, experience, and background you have to offer, and any special interests or areas of focus.

If you are to include an objective, we recommend spending time crafting it and creating a summary statement. A summary statement is similar to an objective but more detailed and specific.

Your summary should demonstrate to an employer that you are a match for the position. A good objective statement includes 3 specific details:

  • the type of position being sought (full-time, part-time, internship)
  • the industry or company you want to work in/for
  • when you are available to begin the assignment


  • Describe the job you want and the qualifications you have. Similar to the back of a book, it motivates the reader to keep reading.
  • It needs to be clear, concise, exciting, and readable within 30 seconds.
  • It is tempting to write vague, open-ended objective statements to “not miss any chances”. Doing so will more likely result in your appearing undirected and unclear about the type of job you want and/or what you have to offer.
  • Begin your objective statement with the position title, occupational field, area of interest, or type of organization you want to apply for.
  • Follow this with 1-3 (possibly more) qualifications you offer of interest to the employer.
    • Prior experience
    • Skills sets you want to use
    • Areas of knowledge
    • Areas of expertise
    • Educational background
    • Interests/values
    • Personal traits

Examples of objectives statements

  • Management Trainee position. Can contribute well-developed speaking and writing skills, knowledge of marketing techniques, and understanding of consumer behavior.
  • Securities agents offer the ability to expand the client base, solve complex problems, and motivate individuals.
  • Advising position utilizing student service experience and a proven ability and commitment to apply excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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