I need help with my template, can you call me by phone?


At Templates Design Co. we do not provide phone support. Through our shop, we sell resume templates all over the world and our experience has taught us that guided telephone instructions are more difficult to follow than the instructions we send through messages, Video-Tutorials, Knowledge-base (FAQ), emails or the help guides included with our templates.

I need help with my template, can you call me by phone?2022-07-07T08:35:04-04:00

Do you offer us technical support?


If you have any issue with your template or find it very difficult to use feel free to contact us. We love helping our customers! We provide technical support for all our templates in English (not advanced) and Spanish. We always answer you as soon as possible. We will fix your issue or refund your money without any problem.

Do you offer us technical support?2022-07-07T08:28:50-04:00

Do you have problems editing your templates?


First of all, read the detailed user guide provided with this purchase. Read it carefully. This help file will explain to you how things are organized and used, and includes tips on editing your templates. In spite of it if your doubts still have not been clarified, please feel free to drop us a message. We will be happy to help you!

Do you have problems editing your templates?2020-08-12T13:13:21-04:00