What if I need to print my resume?


If you need your resume printed, we always recommend having it professionally done (Staples, OfficeMax, etc., you can even order online). Make sure it is printed "full-bleed" (aka borderless) on nice bright white, heavier (ex. 32lb) paper. It will look SO much better than anything you can do at home!

What if I need to print my resume?2022-07-07T08:30:37-04:00

How does this template work?


A template is simply a Microsoft Word document (or Mac Pages document) that is formatted using "text boxes" filled with "dummy" information that you will type directly over with your own resume info.

How does this template work?2022-07-07T08:30:06-04:00

What is included with my purchase?


It includes Resume Template for Word & Pages with 1, 2, & 3 Page Resume, Cover Letter, References, Cover Letter with References, Resume Writing Guide/Tips (Bonus) + Self-Knowledge and Development Questionnaire (Bonus)

What is included with my purchase?2022-07-07T08:27:54-04:00

How do you decrypt a zip file?


Windows - 7-zip http://www.7-zip.org/ (7-zip supports more encryption/decryption schemes than do others) or WINZIP http://www.winzip.com/prod_down.html Mac - Sufflt Expander https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/stuffit-expander/id405580712?mt=12

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