In a word, yes.

Your payment is secured by TLS, a higher grade of security than SSL, with 128-bit encryption and using modern SHA2 ciphers. By Clicking here you can read more info about buying with Gumroad.

On Gumroad, we can sell physical or digital products. In our case, we sell digital products (Resume templates). For clarity, and for you to be more at ease, please let me explain how the purchase process works on Gumroad:

When you buy a digital product on the website you pay using Gumroad, so the final seller is always Gumroad. We “Templates Design Co.” are only content creators.

You have purchased one of the templates from our shop (Templates Design Co.) but your money has gone directly to Gumroad since it is Gumroad who bills the product. (Please check your invoice).

The money you have spent in our shop buying a resume template is not yet in our bank account (Templates Design Co.). At the end of the month Gumroad deposits in the bank accounts of each seller the money from the sales made during that month (discounting from the total amount of commissions that as a seller we have to pay to Gumroad, and refunds we make). We sellers never directly manage the payments that customers make in our shop, nor do we have access to your private info or credit card. As you can check, sales are managed through a secure payment method. When we issue a refund, what we do is tell Gumroad to return your money since you want to return the product you bought at our shop

“Gumroad keeps your credit information secure. Our shop (Templates Design Co.) never receives your credit card information.”