100% Money-Back Guarantee. As small business owners we are, customer satisfaction is paramount to us. If for any strange reason, we are not able to fix the issue and you are unsatisfied with your purchase or customer service, simply request a refund within 24/48 hours during workdays and we will process it without any hesitation. Your satisfaction is more valuable to us than the cost of our resume templates. Please email us at info@templatesforpersonaldevelopment.com to discuss your concerns.

Due to the nature of our products (digital downloads), we will only refund up to a maximum of $12. That is if you purchase more than one product (in one or multiple orders), the full purchase(s) amount will not be refunded. For example,

  • Example #1: You purchased 1 resume bundle for a total value of $12 and are not satisfied with its functionality. If, after our checks, we find that the product does not work properly, we will proceed to issue the corresponding refund of $12.
  • Example #2: You purchased 15 resume bundles for a total value of $180 (15 x $12), and contact us to request a return because you are not satisfied. In this case, we will only refund an amount corresponding to the value of a single template ($12), and not $180.

Important recommendation: If you plan to purchase more than 1 template, we recommend you purchase only one product on your first purchase to ensure that what you are buying is what you are actually looking for. All of our templates are designed in the same way and include the same features, so if you are satisfied with your first purchase, you can confidently continue purchasing the rest of the products you desire.